How to Start e-mail Camping at arch17

Updated on May 05, 2020


The e-mail camping at arch17 allow you to send an e-mail for your all your customer by one click with out any need to design any e-mail arch17 detect the information from your store directly and send the e-mail to your added list, you will be able to invite your customer to follow your store. Or to send a Newsletter about your latest published products and projects in the last seven days.

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Follow Invitation e-mail

It allow you to invite people to follow your store at arch17 and once they do we keep them updated with your new published products and projects.

email help

Weakly Newslatter

It allow you to send a report e-mail to your customer with your new published product and projects in the last seven days.


To start instant e-mail campaign you need to have the below :

  1. add your store cover

  2. add your store logo

  3. add “ About “ in your store settings

  4. add at least four products


To start click in promote button then chose “ invite people to follow” to invite followers or “ send newsletter “ to send your latest updates in the last seven days.

Upload the CSV File

Click Upload CSV file to upload your contact file, the file should be formatted according to arch17, to do that you can download the template file by clicking on “ Download our CSV template “ then you can add your contact and upload the file again, to see the e-mail before you send you can click on send test e-mail and you will receive the e-mail that your contact would receive to the e-mail that linked in your store .

the CSV file formate

The file you upload will include three main column, first name, last name and e-mail incase your file formatted wrong we won’t be able to send the e-mail so please follow the template format

Send the e-mail

After you upload your CSV file, you can click send e-mail and we will start to send your e-mail to the contact added, you can save the CSV file on your pc for future sends.

If you have any question please Contact us now and our we will be in touch shortly.