How to create a new store on Arch17

Updated on February 20, 2019


It is free you create your store and add your product on arch17 first you need to REGISTER and create an ordinary account on arch17, after from the user panel you can click On Go Business to create your Business center where you will be able To create more than one store between local and global depend on your Business model, after you add your product , You will be able to explore and buy your product directly, It is all free !! Arch17 charge only on sell up to 10% of the total product Price not including the delivery fee for the international treading.

Business Center

  1. In Order to create Business center you need to verify your e-mail after you sign up, if not you will found an alert massage on the top of arch17 , please click on it to get the code again and verify your e-mail.

  2. After you verify your e-mail click on Go Business from user panel on the top right.

  3. After clicking on Go business you will be directed to business center Registration page please add your professional name Profession, four digits passcode (which will be required every time you enter your business center) and phone Then click go business.

Create a store

  1. After you enter your business center passcode you will be directed to your business center where you will be Able to start any business on, click create store from the right panel under your name or click on create Store button for the first time in business center.

  2. Add your store name

  3. Choose where you want to sell the product through this store from arch17 country list, please note if you choose a local store Location you will be able to add the product only with the chosen country currency unless you choose International Store you will be able to add the product With price IN USD.

  4. After that you will be directed to your new store, where you can add your product, you can go to sitting tap To add your store Info as well.

  5. After you add your store you will be always able to access your store from your business center where all your created store added, you free to create several stores local or international depend on your business

If you have any question please Contact us now and our we will be in touch shortly.