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Arch17 (arch17.com)

Is a web portal for architecture and construction services, that connects suppliers professionals and customers.
Arch17 provides B2C B2B, and C2B online sales services.
Arch17 organise and manage personal projects and data.
Arch17 develops the user buying experience and provides a modelling tool to build, restyle and decorate spaces using products from real brands.


Currently, there are many websites for architecture and construction services, but they provide limited and inefficient services, obliging users to resort to dozen of them simultaneously, to obtain minimum satisfying results

Arch17's goal, throughout a professional integrated platform, is to provide excellent and smart architectural services to users and help to improve their online shopping experience

Moreover, we want to help and improve the business of professional and suppliers related to the construction, design and furniture fields (designers, construction companies, furniture suppliers, etc.) throughout our website.
Finally, we want to contribute to the development of the e-commerce, a fast growing market that can offer new business and work opportunities for people.


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As the main service of the website, Arch17 provide an online shopping platform to buy any items related to the decoration and the construction industries, classified under different categories (e.g. “Furniture”, “Decoration and construction material”, “Electronic ”, “Equipment”, etc.):
The online expo
The online expo is a service that transfers to the virtual world real expositions and fairs, as well as one created exclusively by Arch17. Users will be able to visit any fair or expo just sitting at home and at the same time suppliers will have a wider market with new possibilities to reach customers.
The real expos and fairs, bring to virtual world by Arch17 will provide to users an amazing experience to visit the international and local fairs and expos (e.g. Milan Expo, Guangzhou Fair, etc.) just with few clicks. Furthermore, in the future this service could be implemented with the VR technology.
Arch17’s online expo will be organised four times per year directly by Arch17.

Architecture and construction

Those important services consist of networks
to connect professional figures among them and
help users to have a better interaction with

Technicians, Specialists
and repairing companies.
Arch17 provides a network where clients can find online,
technicians specialists and repairing, installing
and maintenance companies.
17 User
Features & Tools
Arch17 provide several features and tools that help to improve the user experience and makes online shopping for construction items more easy and efficient.
i- 3D simulator tool
ii- Augmented Reality
iii- Smart cart
iv- P.M.P
3D simulator tool
A simple 3D builder app helps the users to design virtually their room spaces and try the disposition of the furniture items:
It helps the user to simulate the disposition of the furniture in existing spaces, with the possibility to change items accordingly to personal design tastes or price budget, simply clicking on them.
A useful tool for designers, that will enable them to send 3D models easily accessible to clients. Moreover, the possibility to have a vast library of products will improve the quality of the projects and control the total costs.
Online stores can use this tool to create virtual spaces where exhibiting their products (a sort of virtual commercial center or exhibition hall similar in concept to IKEA’s malls) Moreover, the products displayed will have complete information about quality, measures and prices.
3D builder
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Smart cart
Project manager
Business User
Arch17 will provide also business accounts to companies and professionals. Registering to those special accounts will enable the users to have complete access to the entire platform, managing and organizing freely their space and creating collaborative systems and collaborations with other companies.
Smart Organizational Setup To Manage
Your online Business place
Manager: the legal creator and exclusive administrator of the company account.
Supervisor: will be nominated by the Manager he will be in charge of the functioning and administration of the other key roles of the company account (with the approval from the Manager for the structure and option of the company’s account).
Customer service: will be added by the manager or supervisor to answer messages from customers or handle complaints, etc.
Store Roles
Business Network
Online Store